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The pure flavours of the north

Tundra Forms and Flavours Course

A journey into the world of Finnish design and fine dining

Chef and Ceramic Artist
Jarmo Pitkänen
Studio Restaurant Tundra, Kuusamo Lapland

A concise introduction into a professional ceramics studio and the methods of producing individual, modern presentation dishes for portions of food. The participants will get a hands-on perspective on manufacturing items out of clay by making various small presentation trays, following the guidelines of Tundra design philosophy. 

Chef and Ceramic Artist Jarmo Pitkänen will lead his guests on a journey into the world of design and fine dining by sharing his creative thought process underlying his design viewpoint.

The course will also cover the key elements of fine dining: carefully selected ingredients that complement each other and form remarkable and beautiful portions, precise cooking methods, stylistic presentation of food, and useful composition ideas for food photography. The course will culminate in a jointly cooked dinner, for which the participants get to pick wild ingredients from the garden of Restaurant Tundra.

Day 1

Part 1 At Tundra Ceramics Studio

Becoming familiar with the principles of Tundra design philosophy. Trying out various forming techniques through demonstrations. Getting acquainted with the feel of the material by practicing the manufacture of small presentation trays.

Lunch made from locally produced ingredients

Part 2 At Tundra Ceramics Studio

Studying the coating of ceramics and the effect glazing has on an item. Experimenting with various glazing methods. At the end of the day, learning about firing in ceramics using the Raku method.

Day 2

Part 1 At Tundra Gallery and grounds

Revising what was made and learnt on Day 1. Harvesting wild ingredients from the Tundra grounds for the afternoon’s cooking session.

Light lunch

Part 2 At the Tundra Restaurant kitchen

Preparing dinner under the guidance of Chef Jarmo Pitkänen. Laying the table using successful items from yesterday’s class. Learning how to take well-composed, high-quality photographs of ingredients, dishes and portions.


We round up these two eventful days with a jointly prepared dinner and a discussion of the skills and impressions we have picked up at Tundra Studio Restaurant.

  • Instructor

    Chef, Ceramic Artist Jarmo Pitkänen

  • Location
    Studioravintola Tundra, Kuusamo, Finland
  • Duration
    2 days
  • Time
  • Group size
    6-8 people
  • Travel and accommodation
    The participants will see to their own travel and accommodation arrangements. More information by email at
  • Bookings and info
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