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Studio Ceramics and Fine Dining Combined


Ceramic art, tableware, interior design pieces and unique sculptures

Tundra Ceramics Studio is located on the ground floor of the Tundra building. Here Chef and Ceramic Artist Jarmo Pitkänen designs and makes his high-quality studio ceramics, tableware, interior design pieces, and unique statues. As a matter of course, Studio Restaurant Tundra plates, platters, and table decorations are designed and handmade by the Tundra host himself. During the summer months, instead of the restaurant kitchen, the artist’s time is spent downstairs by the kiln.

The modular structure of Tundra pieces means that they are combined of several parts. This allows them to be varied in size, which grants their user freedom of creation at the dinner table.

Tundra artware and unique sculptures are well-suited for large, public spaces as well as for souvenirs or business gifts. A piece from the Tundra selection is a beautiful and lasting way to remember the delicious experience once had in this northern Studio Restaurant.

Ceramics Studio Tundra Ceramics Studio Tundra

Ceramics Studio Tundra

Raku Raku


Unique sculpture Ruoto Unique sculpture Ruoto

Unique sculpture Ruoto

Tableware Laine Tableware Laine

Tableware Laine

Tundra Tableware Tundra Tableware

Tundra Tableware

Reflections on form and design

The two professions of Jarmo Pitkänen set the guidelines for his ceramics studio work. He discovered clay only after he had been working as a cook for several years. This new material made a profound impression on the future designer, who immediately realized that he had found a new direction for his career. Jarmo Pitkänen works at his studio mainly in summer, when instead of the restaurant oven, he heats up the kiln downstairs.

Jarmo Pitkänen has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in ceramic design at the Kuopio Academy of Crafts and Design. During his studies, he sought inspiration and ideas for his work from abroad. A four-week internship spent in Australia gave Designer Pitkänen’s ceramics a new colour scheme, while Chef Pitkänen got to savour the taste of fresh seafood and the exotic selection of fruit and vegetables in the Southern Hemisphere.

After graduating from the Kuopio Academy, Pitkänen returned to Kuusamo, his birthplace, and opened Studio Restaurant Tundra. Dividing his time between his ceramics studio and his restaurant, Jarmo Pitkänen is able to combine his versatile palette of skills and his designer’s vision into unique experiences for his restaurant customers.

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