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Maître Rôtisseur, Ceramic Artist

Jarmo Pitkänen


Jarmo Pitkänen is both a professional ceramic artist and chef de cuisine. Not only the food, but also the plates and platters of the restaurant are handmade by him.

– I want to make each meal a unique experience for the customer. Every little detail has been attended to, both in the food and in the tableware, and inspiration for it all is found in the northern nature. The idea is that the different courses of the meal form a unified experience with the surroundings. The artistic experience is formed by the interaction of the environment, design, and food.

Studio Restaurant Tundra

The culinary philosophy of Jarmo Pitkänen has been influenced by his many travels. He has lived and worked, and most importantly, absorbed the atmosphere and local flavours in China, Australia, Hungary, and Venezuela.

– Ceramics and food have both always been an inseparable part of people’s lives, and they are also strongly tied to place. In Tundra, the influence of Kuusamo nature is reflected in the combination of reduced forms and pure flavours. Seasonal change also has a strong presence, due to the availability of seasonal ingredients. However, for me, locality is not only based on traditions but also on their interpretation in today’s world.

Jarmo Pitkänen’s northern origins are always present in his work. The Scandinavian purity of line in his sculptures and the simple harmony of flavours in his superb meals provide a visual feast for his customers.

I aim at a balance between scent, flavour, and form that will make each Tundra meal a unique experience for the customer.

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