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Tundra Ceramics Studio is located on the first floor of the Tundra building. Here Jarmo Pitkänen designs and makes his high-quality tableware, interior design pieces and unique statues. As a matter of course, Studio Restaurant Tundra place settings and table decorations are designed and made by the Tundra host himself.

Jarmo Pitkänen's both professions set the guidelines for his studio work. The modular structure of his pieces allows him to vary their size, which is turn grants him freedom of creation at his uniquely changing restaurant dinner table. He wants to offer his customers something special - experiences that provide feasts for both the eyes and the palate.

Tundra interior design pieces and unique scuptures are well-suited for large, public spaces as well as for souvenirs or business gifts. A piece from the Tundra selection is a beautiful and lasting way to remember the delicious experience which was had in this northern Studio Restaurant.

Tundra Tableware – functional forms for the dinner table

Studio Tundra Tableware is designed to present dishes as part of the layout of the modern dinner table. With Tundra Tableware you will create the most festive feel to a dining occasion in your own home.

Tundra Classics – sculptured interior design

True Scandinavian simplicity of form is reflected in the Tundra Classics design. Alongside with the glimmering white, Jarmo Pitkänen’s individual colours enhance the powerful feeling of the Tundra Classics line.

Tundra by Jarmo Pitkänen

Unique sculptures from Ceramics Studio Tundra. The starting point of the Tundra pieces always lies in the distinct forms of the northern wilderness, from where the inspiration and force of Jarmo Pitkänen’s art derives.

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