Festive Dinner

at Your Cottage

Chef Jarmo Pitkänen Exclusively to You

Tonight Chef Jarmo Pitkänen of Studio Restaurant Tundra devotes his services exclusively to you. Chef Pitkänen comes and prepares a festive dinner to your party at your own villa. The dinner menu will be planned according to the wishes of your party.

Ask for our suggestions for a luxurious breakfast or lunch at your cottage.

Tundra Festive Dinner

Tundra Festive Dinner is a luxurious meal in which the best northern ingredients and the exquisite Studio Restaurant Tundra spirit are combined into a memorable experience.

Tundra Catering makes it easy to order a festive meal to your own cottage. The delicious flavours of Studio Restaurant Tundra bring a luxurious feel to your residence. See our selection and contact us!

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