at Studio Restauratn Tundra

Studio Restaurant Tundra is an excellent venue for awayday meetings. Situated in the east wing of the building, the meeting room is complemented by a changing exhibition of Studio Tundra ceramic sculptures. The tranquil setting is tailor-made for productive gatherings.
Tundra meeting room is fully equipped for xx participants. Meals and snacks are easily available at the restaurant.
For diners, the meeting room is available at no extra charge.

Flavour You Day with a Cooking Course

Soup up your meeting with self-prepared lunch! Under the guidance of Chef Jarmo Pitkänen, making a sushi platter or luncheon soup will add a memorable break to your meeting.
Ideal group size 6-20 people.

Phone  +358 40 7738 000 
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Vuotungintie 152
93800 Kuusamo

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