Studio Restaurant Tundra presents a new art menu

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The new Menu Tundra has been developed by the restauranteur Jarmo Pitkänen himself. He is both a professional ceramic artist and a chef de cuisine, as well as a dedicated world traveller. In the new menu all the skills of this very versatile man are brought together: not only the food but the plates on which it is served are his own handiwork.

– I aim to change my Menu d’Art every year, says Pitkänen.

– Every course is served on plates which have been especially designed for that particular dish, and the meal ends with an edible sculpture.

Pitkänen began the construction of his restaurant three years ago. The building hosts a ceramics studio and a restaurant for parties up to 20 people. In addition to dinner parties, Pitkänen organises cooking courses and provides luxury catering. During the summer months most of the artist’s time is spent downstairs by the kiln. In winter he puts on his Chef’s hat and caters for his restaurant customers.

The culinary philosophy of Jarmo Pitkänen has been influenced by his many travels. He has visited every continent but one - only Africa is yet to be explored. Pitkänen has lived and worked, and most impor-tantly, absorbed the atmosphere and local flavours in China, Australia, Hungary and Venezuela.

– For me it is essential to get aquainted with the traditions and flavours of every place I am lucky to visit. Food offers a way into the grass-root culture of the place, and that is why travelling is so fascinating to me.

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