Maître Rôtisseur and Ceramic Artist

Jarmo Pitkänen

Jarmo Pitkänen is both a professional ceramic artist and chef de cuisine, as well as a dedicated world traveller. His Studio Restaurant Tundra is a private restaurant which offers a taste of excellence in most unlikely of surroundings. The building hosts a ceramics studio and a restaurant for parties up to 30 people. At Studio Restaurant Tundra Pitkänen also organises cooking courses and provides luxury catering. During the summer months most of the artist’s time is spent downstairs by the kiln. In winter he puts on his chef’s hat and caters for his restaurant customers.

The culinary philosophy of Jarmo Pitkänen has been influenced by his many travels. Pitkänen has lived and worked, and, most importantly, absorbed the atmosphere and local flavours in China, Australia, Hungary and Venezuela.

- For me it is essential to get aquainted with the traditions and flavours of every place I have had the good fortune to visit. Food offers a way into the grass-root culture of the place, and that is why travelling is so fascinating to me.

Celebrating flavour and form

Pitkänen has brought his impressions to his native Kuusamo and developed them into a restaurant where every little detail has been attended to.

- If you think of dining as a social event, the environment has to be designed to suit it perfectly. That is why the whole party sits at one long dining table in my restaurant. The dining lounge is decorated sparingly with creamy white walls and ceramic sculptures, and the idea is that the different courses of the meal form a unified experience with the surroundings. The artistic experience is formed by the interaction of the environment, design and food.
- The changing seasons of Northern Finland together with my uncompromising attitude to food is what keeps the Tundra menus fresh.

Jarmo Pitkänen’s northern origins are also displayed in his ceramics. The Scandinavian purity of line in his sculptures and the simple harmony of the flavours in his superb meals provide a visual feast for his customers.
- I aim at a balance between scent, flavour and form, Pitkänen explains.

Pitkänen feels that ceramics and food have both always been an inseparable part of people’s lives, and they are also strongly tied to place. A carefully designed visual setting and the clear flavours of the northern ingredients are the building blocks Pitkänen uses in creating memorable and excuisite culinary moments for his customers.
- In wintertime the snow adds an almost magical feeling to the experience. That I take as a bonus.

Jarmo Pitkänen

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